Well hello gorgeous! I’m Sofi – nice to meet your glowing self!

Like you, I’m a 40-something woman who still wears mom jeans on a daily basis. But I also know that our inner glow deserves to be shown off, too! Our loved ones care more about seeing the sparkle in our eyes than perfect makeup!

My blog

So I created this blog as a happy place where we can trade our worries for playful self-care. To relax into yoga flows instead of rushing through to-do lists on repeat. And to savor delicious nourishment that makes us say “mmm” instead of “meh.”

My France

After years abroad (in 4 different countries, but especially in France) I totally got immersed in French-style wellness. I learned that self-love is the best accessory! And that beauty is an inside job! Now, I combine my background in nutrition and yoga to whip up simple rituals that amplify our gorgeousness-crow’s feet and all.

My promise

Think bite-sized actions rather than extreme makeovers. Quick workouts that leave us smiling instead of collapsed. And homemade recipes to try with joy instead of diet dread.

I promise tips that fit your full and very fabulous life. Because you deserve to feel as glowing and vibrant as you did decades ago!

Short Facts about me

…And finally, a little lightning round to complete the picture)))).

I’m an introvert, adore tea and yoga, love to listen rather than talk, dreamed of being a writer since childhood, even “published” my first book at the age of 3, but only started consciously writing for my blog a few years ago, I adore Sade and traveling (the word “adore” fits better here than just “love” ))))), I still prefer a good book, an old-fashioned movie, or just spending time with my family over social media (we even have a “no phones or social media” rule at our house)))))).

You probably didn’t know this…

  • I’ve been to 41 countries, but my favorite place remains a lake surrounded by pines near my home.
  • My favorite dishes are herring and eggplant with tomatoes. I’ve liked them tenderly since childhood and still loooove them, although I know and have shared hundreds of other recipes.
  • I always try to find a solution, but if it doesn’t come, I just “let it go”. And either it comes in time or the situation changes)))).
  • I’m terribly camera shy – that’s why there are so few of my photos on the blog. But I promise – soon you’ll be able to see me in videos in the programs! (I’ll definitely let you know when that happens)))).
  • Almost every day, with rare exceptions, I eat a salad, even in the winter months. The whole family eats the same (including the kids) – we all eat the same.

Let’s glow up together, lovelies!