2024 Hair trends for women over 40

Have you ever had a good hair day that made you feel like you could conquer the world? Where you catch your reflection and think, “Yes! I’ve still got it!” I LIVE for those moments. But if you’re anything like me, they seem to be fewer and farther between as we get older.

Lovelies, you know that I believe true beauty shines from within, sparkling through the laugh lines earned by a life well lived. But I also know that external polish can affect how others perceive us, fairly or not. So let’s talk about an easy way to refine the packaging to match your inner sparkle-a fresh cut!

The formula for a youthful look

I’ve seen it all too often – a goddess dressed to impress, but sadly stuck in a hairstyle from decades past that detracts from her light. But you don’t have to splurge on the trendiest outfit to upgrade your look! Just make time for a shapely new chop.

My dears, the math is clear-while inner light defines true beauty, outer polish can help our essence shine through. So let me break down the formula for channeling youthful vitality at any age:

Young Look = Trendy Outfit + Modern Haircut + Blissful Smile

Trust me, a flattering, modern hairstyle does wonders to turn back the clock while complementing the graceful maturity you’ve earned.

But even more important is the health of your hair. How lustrous and thick it is. And before we do any drastic cutting or coloring, we should nurture those strands back to health, shall we?

Maybe you also feel the same as I did…

No way! I’m too young for this, right?

Do your eyes ever mist up when you come across an old picture of yourself with thick, flowing hair? I have albums full of my shiny mahogany locks catching the sunlight, not a silver strand in sight.

My hair was soooo gorgeous back then, and I din’t appreciate it, I just took it for granted…

But then life took its toll. All those babies then kids, thousands of responsibilities, stress… And before I knew it, the confident woman with bouncy hair was replaced by a frazzled mess desperately hiding her roots.

No way! I’m too young for this, right?

But I’m not the only one, am I? As life speeds up, our precious hair suffers, doesn’t it, ladies?

Secret for beautiful hair after 40

We obsess over expensive serums and treatments hoping for the magic fix, right? Tell me honestly how much hundreds have you already spent for “special hair care”? Have you see results? For how long???

But in reality we neglect the basics of self-care. And it’s always about SYNERGIE of 3 most important spheres: nutrition, natural care and movement. Only combined they give us those magical results!

The secret to healthy and shiny hair (especially after 40) is ONLY the combination of these:

  • The Right Nutritiontargeted nutrient-rich foods nourish hair from the inside out for that unparalleled shine. And if you want an extra boost to get your locks back to their healthiest, consider adding a hair supplement with targeted vitamins and nutrients to see and feel the results really fast.
  • The Right Hair Carethe ideal gentle, natural cleansers that won’t dry out delicate, mature strands, or special massages with nourishing oils.
  • The Right Movement – yes, don’t be surprised, but the right poses can rejuvenate your hair (and skin, too) from the inside out! That’s because they improve blood and lymph flow, which leads to increased renewal of your hair and skin.

2024 Hair trends for women over 40

And once we’ve taken care of the health of our hair – so that it can shine from the inside out – it’s time to choose the right style.

As we know, the wrong haircut can make us look older instead of more sophisticated. High-maintenance styles can take time and energy away from our families. And then there’s the battle with gray hair! Buck up, gorgeous. There ARE stunning yet simple styles that can help us shine. I’m letting you in on the top hair trends predicted for 2024 that complement – not age – women over 40.

Yes, of all the hair trends, I chose the ones that look good on women over 40. Because I don’t think some of us will really try the wet hair look or ballet core braids, for example))).

These are bold, yet subtle looks that are specifically designed to enhance natural beauty as we age. Intrigued? Read on for the inside scoop!

1. The Iconic Bob

It stays with us)). But really moving to a chin length.

A timeless, blunt or rounded bob that falls just above or below the chin offers versatility and structure.

It’s an effortlessly chic look.

Credit: @hirohair, Instagram

2. Bronde

Lived-In Highlights: Face-framing bronde (brown + blonde) balayage and root smudge highlights create depth without high maintenance.

The organic look flatters mature complexions.

Credit: @colorbymarina, Instagram

3. Birkin Bangs

The return of thick, full bangs adds mystery while beautifully framing the eyes and complexion.

Curtain bangs also soften smile lines.

It’s great for adding volume and shape to fine or thinning hair.

Credit: @hirohair, Instagram

4. Silver Sirens

Embracing natural gray by transitioning hair healthily without dye or going entirely steel gray ombré is a hot trend. It radiates confidence.

Credit: @sweet.simple.something, Instagram

5. Wavy bob

As you’ve already heard, bob is staying with us! Favorite wavy bob)))

Simple yet polished, soft waves add effortless allure. It remains a timelessly sexy and youthful look.

Credit: @hairbyeringlider, Instagram

6. Cowboy Copper

Warm golden copper hair color with sun-kissed caramel and strawberry blonde babylights embraces natural graying at the roots for an organic, sophisticated look.

Credit: @butterflyloftsalon, Instagram

7. Luxe Lengths

Highlighting thick, healthy long locks adds allure and femininity.

Added layers prevent flatness and increase movement.

Credit: @sarahmgdoeshair, Instagram

8. Peach blond

Sweet peach and golden blonde blended hair color adds flattering brightness around the face while avoiding brassy orange tones.

It creates a vibrant yet soft look.

Credit: @rubrohair, Instagram

9. The Sculpted Pixie

Closely cropped napes with longer layers on top modernize pixies.

It shows off great bone structure on maturing faces.

Credit: @jcx28, Instagram

10. Butterfly Layers

Lightly stacked layers through the bottom third of hair add fluid, face-framing movement.

It creates weightless volume and bounce for fine or thinning hair.

Credit: @hairby.marianaa, Instagram

11. Barbie Blond

Straight from last year’s favorite movie)).

Bright yet natural-looking platinum and baby blonde shades give some a playful, feminine look. Most flattering on lighter skin tones.

Credit: @tashaparkerhair, Instagram

These top 2024 hair trends for women after 40 are flattering styles specially selected to illuminate our inner sparkle.

No matter what look you choose – bangs, bob, balayage or peach blondie – choose what makes YOUR spirit shine. Here’s to aging vibrantly with hair that celebrates the remarkable women we are becoming. Stay fabulous and glowing!

With love,

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