7 types of rest that every woman after 40 needs

are we really giving ourselves the rest and restoration we crave?

Oh my dear, our bodies do soooo much for us day in and day out. All that moving, shaking, and responsibility can really start to feel like a continuous marathon with no finish line in sight! That’s when we need to stop and ask ourselves – are we really giving ourselves the rest and restoration we crave?

I know that soul-deep exhaustion all too well. The kind where no matter how many hours you get between the sheets, you still wake up feeling like you’ve been running a marathon in your dreams! It’s the fatigue that seeps into your bones and mind until everyday life feels like moving through a hazy fog.

We have all been there! And for so many of us women in our glorious 40s, that state of exhaustion is maddeningly hard to shake. We pour from a never-ending pitcher into the cups of our families, careers, friends, communities-and run dangerously low on replenishing our own wells.

Well, my dear, that’s because there are so many overlooked types of rest that are just as important as sleep-maybe even more so! You could get a solid 8 hours every night, but if you’re running on an empty tank of mental, creative, sensory, emotional, and spiritual rest, you’ll still wake up every morning completely drained.

The Missing Piece

So for now, I must share the eye-opening journey my beloved sister recently went through. Has this ever happened to you? She was going through her days in a bit of a foggy, exhausted daze, even though she was getting her recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night. No matter how dutifully she hit the hay, she just couldn’t shake that bone-tired, lethargic feeling.

So, like any of us, she went looking for answers! She saw doctor after doctor, took every health test, and tried every trendy supplement and sleep hygiene ritual. But the relentless cloud of fatigue remained.

It wasn’t until she met a wonderful naturopath that the pieces of the puzzle finally clicked into place. This wise healer asked my sister the most insightful question:
“Are you getting enough REST? Real, true, holistic rest for your whole being?”

This simple question blew my sister’s mind! Of course, she took sacred sleep seriously, but there was so much more to the concept of true rest than just nightly slumber.

The Kaleidoscope of Rest

You see, my dear friends, our bodies, minds, and spirits require a nurturing kaleidoscope of restorative practices to feel truly rejuvenated and vibrant. Clocking in those 8 hours horizontally is vital, yes, but it’s only one piece of the larger puzzle.

What about carving out pockets in our days for mental rest, creative rest, sensory rest, and nurturing our emotional and spiritual wells? These often overlooked ingredients are just as critical to avoiding the dreaded burnout fog.

My dear sister had been unknowingly running on fumes in many of these key rest areas. Once she understood the importance of holistic, multidimensional rest, everything changed for her.

So today I want to lovingly explore with you these seven quintessential types of rest. Whether you’re already a well-rested woman or stumbling through your days desperately seeking more energy, I guarantee these pages will be an eye-opening, affirming “aha” moment!

1. Physical rest

That sluggish, heavy feeling even after a good night’s sleep? Girl, that’s your body begging for physical rest beyond bedtime. Give yourself pockets of true stillness throughout the day with gentle stretches, breathing breaks, or even a short walk. Light exercise also helps your body replenish its energy reserves. Basically, listen to these subtle signals and act on them!

  • Sleep: Develop a regular bedtime ritual with relaxing activities like light yoga, journaling, or herbal tea
  • Active rest: Listen to your body’s needs with gentle exercise such as walking, stretching, or restorative yoga
  • Hormonal Harmony: Find ways to balance your hormones through rest, as they play a key role in your energy levels, mood, and overall vitality. Not sure where to start? Check out the Balance Your Hormones GUIDE and discover this holistic, life-changing approach for yourself

2. Mental Rest

Imagine your brilliant brain is a computer – pretty soon it’s going to overheat and freeze up if you never close those damn applications and reboot, right? That’s why little breaks from mental chaos are essential. Even just 5 minutes of pure silence, putting down your phone and letting your mind wander can be the reset you need.

And let’s not forget journaling! It’s like opening the faucet to release some of that swirling, turbulent mind noise. Grab a pen and let your thoughts flow freely onto the page-no editing, no judging. You might be surprised at how much lighter you feel!

  • Breaks: Make regular 5-10 minute breaks in your workday to pause and clear your head
  • Silence: Build periods of silence into your day through breathing techniques or short meditations. Minimize auditory input such as music/podcasts and embrace silence
  • Journaling: Brain dumping through stream-of-consciousness writing can clear mental chaos

3. Social rest

Your energy is precious and beautiful. Don’t waste it on social situations or people that leave you feeling completely drained. Carefully curate your social circle to include only those souls who truly get you and lift your spirit. Prioritize unhurried face time with these gems over obligatory hangouts. And by all means, protect pockets of restorative solitude – embracing glorious periods of alone time can be incredibly nourishing.

  • Nurture: Focus your social energy on a few close, supportive friendships that fill your cup
  • Solitude: Ensure daily alone time without family demands or overstimulation
  • Fur therapy: The comforting presence of a pet can provide restorative social respite

4. Sensory Rest

Close your eyes and breathe…disconnect from the relentless bombardment of digital pings and artificial light that assault your senses. Instead, create a cozy sanctuary of soft textures, soothing aromas, and natural light to allow your senses to truly decompress. Or better yet, immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of nature’s soundscapes, colors and earthy scents. Breathe in the fresh, grounding air and exhale the anxiety.

  • Unplug: Set firm boundaries with digital devices, screens, and harsh artificial lighting
  • Nature: Immerse your senses in the calming sights, sounds and smells of nature
  • Cozy Nook: Create a soft, clean, clutter-free space that soothes your senses

5. Spiritual Rest

In this swirling storm of roles and responsibilities, it’s easy to lose touch with your deeper core-the innate wisdom, resilience, and awe that spark when you slow down to truly appreciate what guides you. Nourish your spiritual self through practices such as gratitude journaling, prayer, or meditation. Gather with like-minded souls to share collective strength. By reconnecting with the anchors of your heart, you encode deep equanimity.

  • Gratitude: A daily gratitude practice through journaling, prayer, or meditation
  • Community: Connecting with like-minded people through spiritual/faith/friendship gatherings
  • Purpose: Reflect on your deeper values and how to reconnect with your “why”

6. Emotional Rest

Oh darling, I know the people-pleasing boundaries are starting to get warped with so many demands on your heart and energy reserves. But learning to say “no” without apology is a sacred form of emotional self-care. Releasing pent-up feelings through creative expression or simply allowing them to be felt and processed in a judgment-free zone is also essential. If the inner turmoil ever feels overwhelming, seeking professional support is wisdom, not weakness.

  • Boundaries: Let go of the need to say yes and people-please all the time
  • Expression: Allow yourself to feel and process emotions freely through creative outlets
  • Support: Seek professional help through counseling during emotionally turbulent times

7. Creative Rest

Do you remember that playful spark, that sense of magic and curiosity through which you saw the world as a child? Yes, that wide-eyed, free-spirited part of you is still alive and waiting to be rediscovered! What if you carved out pockets to experience new sights, sounds, activities, or imaginative realms with no agenda beyond awe and joy?

Whether it’s tending a kaleidoscope garden, immersing yourself in an artistic hobby, or simply gazing up at the constellations, feeding your childlike creative spirit is a powerful remedy for the stale, the mundane. Let your adventurous inner muse lead the way to enchantment!

  • Play: Rediscover your inner child through unstructured hobbies, games, or activities
  • Adventure: Feed your sense of wonder by exploring new places, ideas, or experiences
  • Daydream: Allow your brain to wander, imagine, and be spontaneously creative

In this intense season of life, strategic rest is your sustenance, not a luxury. Incorporating these rejuvenating practices into your routine is critical to maintaining overall health, hormonal harmony, resilience, and zest for life as an extraordinary woman in our 40s.

By prioritizing these areas of rest, you’ll ensure that your body, mind, and spirit always have a source of rejuvenating energy to draw from. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your vitality!

Take care of yourself!
Your Sofi

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