The wild but fabulous comeback of leopard print

Here’s how to style leopard print in your 40s and still look modern and not vulgar.

Here’s how to style leopard print in your 40s and still look modern and not vulgar.

You’ve just arrived home after another whirlwind day. Bills are piling up, kids are demanding your attention, the to-do list is taunting you from the fridge.

You collapse on the couch, completely exhausted…

But as you catch your breath, a smile creeps across your face. In the chaos, you’d almost forgotten about the sleek leopard-print pumps you wore earlier. With their sassy pointed toes and slim stiletto heels, strutting around the office felt like a runway stomp. Such a small thing, but it empowered you. It gave your whole look-and outlook-a glittering dose of confidence.

Magic of leopard

That’s the unexpected magic of leopard. With its distinctive spots arranged in this mesmerizing pattern, it has an inherent wildness that takes you out of the everyday. Not unlike the thrill of splashing in the ocean waves on a weekend getaway.

And while leopard may not be considered a “neutral” per se, it possesses that versatile quality that allows it to harmonize with virtually any hue – much like the vibrant strokes of a sunset complement the evening sky.

No wonder the print has recently made a comeback on the fashion scene!

It offers just the right blend of edge and sophistication that we fabulous 40-somethings crave in our looks. A chance to shake off those stubborn “shoulds” about dressing our age and unleash our fun, daring sides once again.

So if you’ve been playing it safe in your wardrobe lately, now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone with a dash of leopard print. It’s an instant glow that promises a massive boost in style and spirit!

How to rock leopard print accent pieces

For the woman who wants to dip her toes into the leopard print revival, accessories are the perfect entry point. They work with virtually any outfit, from casual jeans to chic cocktail dresses. And they pack a concentrated punch of pizzazz that will enliven your entire ensemble.

Start with the leopard-print pump, whose flattering pointed toe and heel will (literally) elevate any look with a touch of sultry. Pair them with cropped ankle pants and a fitted blazer for a polished yet playful office ensemble, or turn heads with a slinky slip dress on a date night.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, consider a leopard-print bag instead! This season’s styles lean toward sleek, structured shapes that counterbalance the wildness of the print. Imagine a satchel or shopper tote in a warm tan or rust shade of leopard for a bold contrast to your basic beige trench coat.

For even more drama, opt for a leopard-print clutch to unleash your fiercely glamorous side. Let it be the focal point of your look, like ruby red lipstick for your outfit. Clutch it tightly as you hit the town in a tailored sheath dress and statement heels.

Don’t forget the power of a sultry leopard-print scarf! Wrap one around your neck for an effortless touch of leopard while pulling an outfit together. It’s an accessible way to get into the trend, ideal for those new to mixing patterns.

Sizzle in leopard print bottoms

Time to turn up the heat, ladies! Once you’ve tried those tantalizing accent pieces, you may find yourself craving more of leopard’s untamed energy. That’s the perfect cue to strut your stuff in statement leopard-print bottoms that celebrate your fierce femininity.

Start by slipping into a pair of leopard print pants in a sleek, fitted silhouette. They hug your shape in all the right places for a sleek, streamlined look. Soften their va-va-voom factor by knotting a drapey, lightweight sweater or button-down tunic over them. Relaxed yet ravishing!

If you prefer to show a little leg, a leopard-print midi skirt delivers the sizzle. Look for one with a curved pencil or A-line silhouette in a neutral tan or golden brown leopard print that flatters. Tuck in a dainty camisole or tailored tank, then dress it up with strappy heels or ankle boots. File this skirt under “unexpected boardroom power look”!

For laid-back weekends or casual Fridays, leopard shorts add a playful twist. For a youthful edge, pair yours with an oversized blazer, block-heeled sandals, and barely-there delicate necklaces. Like afternoon spritzers with your girlfriends, this breezy look simply says, “Life is meant to be enjoyed!”

Unleash your inner glamazon in a leopard coat

We’ve reached the pinnacle of leopard print’s fiery resurgence, my untamed beauties-the gloriously wild outerwear statement! Some might call it bold, others beaucoup brave. I just call it unabashedly chic.

When the winter winds howl, there’s no need to bundle up in drab, boring coats. You crave something that will energize you to face the day, much like that first glimpse of a snow-capped mountain vista or a sip of hot apple cider on a frosty morning.

Enter the leopard-print coat, your indulgent cold-weather armor. Imagine yourself swirling into a room draped in a plush, printed faux fur number cinched with a waist-hugging belt. As eyes feverishly follow your entrance, you’ll be grinning inside – you’ve fully reawakened your roar.

If faux fur is too bold, a leopard-print wool longline coat is more streamlined but no less stunning. Leave it open to show off your ensemble underneath, or wrap it up for a sleek column of style. Either way, you’ve achieved that “this is how I woke up” kind of sophistication.

And let’s not forget the chic leopard-print jacket! Ideal for transitional spring/fall days, it’s a perfect layering piece that adds warmth, polish and fierce flair all at once. Imagine a cropped leopard jacket paired with skinny pants, a dainty tank and ankle-strap heels for an Audrey Hepburn-meets-Chaka Khan vibe. Yes, ladies, this look does indeed “tell all that jazz.

Set your glamorous side free with this iconic print

Whether you opt for the leopard coat or simply dip your toes into accessories, this iconic print is all about rebelling against the mundane. It’s a sartorial encouragement to stop downplaying your vibrant essence, especially as you enter life’s delicious prime decades.

You’re now a confident, charismatic woman of the world – someone with remarkable stories to tell. Why not let your style scream that message with a few splashes of glamour?

Leopard print awakens the senses. It asks you to tune out stress and expectations and tune back in to joy and self-expression.

So go ahead, step out of your everyday uniform and reintroduce some wildness into your wardrobe and your spirit. With just a touch of leopard’s mesmerizing pattern, you’ll feel the corners of your mouth lift in a radiant glow. Because sometimes we all need to let our breathtaking ferocity roar.

Be stylish, my dear!


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