Hello world! Or WHY AFTER 40 GLOW?


How my anti-age journey began

After stepping into my 40’s I woke up one morning and couldn’t believe it… Seriously? Can it happen in ONE night?? Can I get old just in one night???

Yeah, that was a really unpleasant surprise for me… In the mirror I saw my face, mine. But it was older… Everything was quite the same, but something has definitely changed. I couldn’t understand why I feel and look so different, but suddenly I felt that I‘ve got older.

That’s how my anti-age journey began.

Before that I didn’t think that AGING will be my problem, because for many years I was eating the right food, practicing yoga and implementing all wellness routines that I knew. I thought that I’d look great for the rest of my life!

But after 40 somehow all my beauty recipes stopped working. But body just didn’t react to them anymore… Sluggish skin, weight gain, feeling depressed – that were my companions those days…

And now, after several years of trial and error, I already know exactly HOW I should react to that aging changes. And WHAT should I do to be slim, shining and happy again. And that’s what I’d like to share with you.


When you reach 40, suddenly your life becomes different… Though everything is the same around you, it feels like you’ve moved to the next level.

And sometimes it’s pretty cool to be 40+, right? )))))))

  • You are still pretty and beautiful, and may be even in the best shape of your life (for me at least it works this way)))
  • You already wise enough and understand the life sooooo much more. But you are still quite adventurous to start or try something new
  • You already know what is best for your body, you treat it with care, cause you already lost that illusion of youth: “I’ll be healthy and fit for the rest of my life”
  • Most probably you found that balance in your life. Between everything and everyone – starting from your own family and kids, building your carrier and finishing with taking care of your own parents (yeah, it’s already the time to return them part of their love and care)
  • You’ve finally found your style and know what looks best on you. You can be stylish and fashionable, but with your own style (sparkle). And even if all the fashion industry will shout about this new trend, you know that you won’t put on those “BritneySpirsJeans” anymore J

But still you have so many questions:

  • “How to deal with all those signs of getting older?” – You’ve already noticed first fine lines, may be even got some grey hair (as I do), the skin reacts differently to familiar care…
  • “Where has my energy gone?” – You have soooo much to do, but your battery needs recharge more and more often…
  • “How am I, really?” – Though you’ve accomplished so many important things in your life, but still you may have that question in your mind: what is my purpose? What should I do to be happy?
  • “Why do I feel sometimes that my body started to fail me?” – You notice that your body doesn’t react anymore in the way you used to remember. You can’t sit on a diet and loose those 5 kg in a week when you need it. Or your women’s days have become the total surprise for you (again? In 5 days after previous?) or suddenly you have a back pain from nowhere…

I’m sure you have your own signs as well. And that’s totally fine to have them, cause we ARE getting alder. We can’t change that. Unfortunately…

But what we can change is the way we are dealing with them. We can find the way how to limit those signs to a minimum and even reverse them (yeah, get rid of those wrinkles and get you slim body back, baby!))).

And if you also want that – you are at the right place!

Let’s reverse those sings of getting older and stay as young and beautiful as we are now (and even more)!

Let’s attract men’s attention with our spectacular appearance or just a wave of our hair! Let’s have enough energy for aaaaaall our ideas and surprise ourselves with new discoveries (especially of ourselves).

Let us bathe in the love of our loved ones and give it in return from the bottom of our hearts!

Let’s bloom and enjoy our beautiful lives!

Let’s glow together, my dears, let’s glow!!

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